Sell your Goods for Bitcoins!

Bit-Cash is more than just a money making venture for us - it's about spreading the idea of Bitcoins as a viable and stable currency. To that end, we want to help people not only buy with Bitcoin, but SELL with Bitcoin!

If you've got some second hand goods you'd like to get rid of; something that's taking up space and needs a good home, feel free to contact us - send us a title, description, pictures and how much you'd like for it in AUD/BTC (you must specify which payment method you'd like and include shipping), and we'll list it on our website for free*.

If you'd like your item to be featured on our front page "featured" list, let us know and we'll put it up there for a small listing fee**.

Once your item sells, we will let you know and will provide you with the customers address - it will be up to you to organise shipping to the customer via registered tracking - make sure you consider this when advising us of your sell price. You will then give us the tracking number so we can monitor the progress of the item. Once the tracking is marked as "delivered", and the customer has had a chance to contact us incase the item wasn't as described (normally 1-2 days), the funds will be released to your nominated account/wallet ID.

Bit-Cash - your place to sell for BTC



*Bit-Cash will take 5% of the total transaction cost as a fee to cover our time/web-hosting once the transaction is completed (unless you pay for front page listing - in that case, no transaction cost will apply).

**Front page listings are valid for 1 calendar month from the time of purchase and incure a charge of $10. Banners can also be created for your product and incure a charge of $50; this charge must be paid to us before your add will be listed on the front page.